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Michael Peech - Artists Outdoors

Our mission is to support talented and emerging artists through our very own Artists Outdoor program.  Meet Michael Peech from Peech Artworks!

Michael is a self-taught artist living in Grafton, Ontario. Using acrylics, oils and various mixed mediums, Peech works to bring together light and colour in varied and unique stylings. After a hiatus from painting, Michael moved to the country room to bring new influences and experience to his paintings. Country living has inspired a new palette and range of subjects to work with. Peech’s work has been featured in exhibitions and galleries across the country, and his paintings can be found in private collections throughout Canada, the USA, and Europe.

*****5 Stars*****

"The image is sharp, the colours are vibrant and it's designed to stay up all year round. It looks great now and will brighten up our patio even more when winter arrives."

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