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Reframe the Outdoors

Our mission is to Reframe the Outdoors!

At Off the Wall On the Fence we believe that an uplifting and positive environment nourishes the soul and contributes to people’s overall wellness. We are committed to delivering beauty through quality art to enhance outdoor spaces.

We are a Canadian company, founded in 2018 and built on a foundation of over 30 years of experience in printing, production, installation, arts and financial services marketing. Our company is woman-led and our beautiful art is produced right here in Canada.

We are introducing a new way of thinking about decorating outdoor spaces by taking the familiar idea of art “off the wall” inside our homes and placing it “on the fence”.

What we offer:
  • Weather-resistant, durable and beautiful printed artwork produced purposefully for outdoor spaces
  • An ability to customize prints by uploading your own personal images or choosing from our extensive bank of royalty free and rights managed images.
  • Products made to order by size, filter, framing and image selection for a truly customized result
  • A superior customer experience offered through a web site storefront for content, customization, ordering and payment and expert consultation for more complex solutions