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We are off the wall on the fence about us

Our Story

Lisa Hartley Founder of Off the Wall On the Fence

I’m Lisa Hartley, founder of Off the Wall On the Fence. Thanks for visiting us!

My husband John and I came up with this idea in our very own backyard. After we renovated our small backyard in 2016, we noticed how plain, and frankly boring, our new outdoor space looked. Our walls, well really our fences, were bare.

Then John had an idea. He has been in commercial printing for over 30 years and he leveraged his expertise and started to print large images of things we loved and suddenly we had our own outdoor gallery.

We’re art lovers, and we were interested in expanding the footprint of our small house by extending our living space to the outdoors. We realized that adding art to our decor elevated the outdoor living and entertaining experience.

We realized something else. Our prints, which we left outdoors in spring, summer, fall and winter (snowstorms and all), and never took down, remained beautiful.

When friends and family came over they started asking us to produce prints for them and suddenly, our business idea was born.

Each of our prints are custom made with commercial grade materials and we guarantee they will be as beautiful in 5 years as they are today - that’s why we have a 5-year replacement guarantee.

We launched our business in 2019 and today we are proud to say we have delivered custom outdoor art prints across Canada, into the United States and even as far as the U.K., The Netherlands and Italy.

Lisa Hartley

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