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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have standard sizes?
All prints come with hanging hardware in black or silver and a template to make hanging easy! Choose Horizontal or Vertical orientation. *Premium pricing is for all Artists Outdoors prints.
Are other sizes available?
If you require a custom size or framing option, contact us for a quotation at
How do I find pictures for my artwork?
There are 3 ways to find your perfect picture:
    1. Upload your own image in our Custom Artwork tool for a truly personal print.
    2. Our Artists Gallery features exclusive artwork by Canadian artists and our Collections Gallery has a large selection of images for every interest.
    3. You can access our image bank in the Custom Artwork tool to find thousands of amazing pictures to choose from
Can I use my own photos? How will they turn out?
Yes, you can upload your own photos directly from your phone. We will ensure that the images you provide will print well. We will not print an image that will not look good and we will contact you if we have any concerns. Such instances are rare and you can order with 100% confidence. If you are not happy, we will make it easy for you to return the print with your choice of store credit or full refund.
How do I create my own artwork on the website?
It’s easy! Just follow the instructions featured with our customization tool or watch this video.
How much is shipping in Canada?
We ship for free anywhere in Canada.
How much is shipping in the U.S.?
For US shipments, we charge a flat rate of $20.00 (Canadian) to ship anywhere in the U.S.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally, please contact us for a quotation
Are taxes and duties included?
Taxes and duties are not included in our prices. For Canadian orders, applicable taxes are charged during checkout. Duties on US and International orders are the responsibility of the customer
How is the artwork packaged?
  • Our three smallest sizes (22.5” x 15”, 22.5” x 22.5” and 33” x 22”) ship flat in a corrugated box.
  • Our three largest sizes (45” x 30”, 40” x 60” and 70” x 46.5”) ship rolled in a corrugated box.
What is included in the package?
  • Each package consists of a printed artwork panel, an installation template with detailed instructions, standoffs and wood screws for mounting to your wooden fence
  • This quick video shows an overview of our simple installation process
Is it easy to install the artwork?
  • Very easy! We provide you with a tear-proof paper template that is the same size as your artwork with a complete set of instructions. It’s reusable so you can keep it and use it again if you ever decide to move your artwork to a different spot.
  • Simply position the template where you want your artwork to hang, tape it up with painter’s masking tape and use a 1/16” drill bit to drill a pilot hole for each standoff, according to the bullseyes we have printed on the template.
  • Once you’ve drilled the pilot holes, simply remove the template and attach the barrels of the standoffs to the fence with the supplied wood screws.
  • The artwork comes with the mounting holes pre-drilled so you only put the standoff screw caps through the holes in the artwork, screw them into the barrels and you’re done!
What makes the artwork “weather-proof”?
  • The artwork is printed on a durable plastic that maintains its beauty regardless of temperature extremes.
  • Our artwork is intended to be installed and left up all year around and not taken inside in adverse weather conditions.
  • Our inks are lightfast, so the images do not fade rapidly in the sun as with other prints.
  • The standoffs are aluminum and the screws are stainless steel, so there’s nothing that will rust in the elements.
  • We guarantee your artwork will continue to look great for at least five years if you follow our instructions for installation and care.
What is the best way to care for my outdoor artwork?
  • Our five-year guarantee is based on installing your artwork on a vertical surface according to the instructions on the supplied installation template.
  • The rain, freezing rain, snow, ice, sun and fall leaves will not damage the artwork. It is designed to live outdoors all year ‘round.
  • If you feel you need to clean your artwork, we recommend that you give it a light spraying with a garden hose to rinse it off. Use water only -- no cleaning products.
  • The print can scratch if care is not taken. Avoid using chemicals, solvents, detergents or anything that is abrasive on your artwork. If you wipe it, rinse it well first with a garden hose to remove any abrasive materials such as sand and dust. Then wipe very gently with a clean microfiber cloth and water. Leave it to air-dry.
Do I have to install my artwork on a wooden fence? Can I install on a brick wall or even on drywall inside my house?
  • We provide a hardware kit that includes the standoffs and wood screws that are required for installing the artwork on a wooden fence.
  • We have had customers install their artwork on brick, siding, concrete, drywall as well. These applications may require additional hardware that is readily available at hardware stores and home improvement centres.
  • Ensure you purchase a sufficient quantity of hardware to allow for one anchor/screw per standoff.
Brick and Masonry Installation
For installation on brick walls and concrete you use the standoffs but you do not use the supplied wood screws. You will need to purchase some additional hardware.
  • We recommend the use of a hammer drill with a ¼” masonry drill bit and the use of lead anchors intended for masonry.
  • These are widely available at hardware and home improvement stores.
  • The anchor size should be 6-8 x 1 ½”.
  • CAUTION: When using lead anchors in masonry it is important to not over-tighten the screws or they could break. Set the torque very low on your drill or driver when installing the screws and just make them snug.
  • Here is an example of a lead anchor that we have had success with. It is available at Canadian Tire and comes with its own screws:

Installation on Drywall
  • For installation on drywall, you can use the supplied wood screws, you will only need to purchase plastic drywall anchors for a #8 screw.
  • The anchor size should be 6-8 x 1 ½”.
  • We recommend the following, or something comparable. This one is available at Canadian Tire:

Are standoffs available in colours other than silver and black?
  • We can provide other colours such as red, gold, and blue. These are custom orders and would require additional lead time and fees. We cannot, however, guarantee that any custom standoff colours will be lightfast and will not fade.
  • Contact us at for further information.
What if I want artwork in a non-standard size or framing option?
  • We can provide options for customization. Contact us at and we will work directly with you to get you what you need
Why don’t you sell full frames for the artwork?
  • To survive outdoors all year ‘round in the Canadian climate, frames need to be durable enough to not warp, crack rot or rust, so wood and steel frames are out of the question.
  • They also need to be heavy enough to hold the artwork in place to prevent the artwork from blowing out of the frame in high winds.
  • Standoffs also have the advantage of being lightweight and they allow a fence to “breathe”. The airflow around the artwork eliminates any opportunity for moisture, insects and rot to set in behind the panel.
What should I do if my standoffs don’t all line up to my fence boards? What if some fall into the spaces between my fence boards?
  • Our largest three sizes include a GapAdapter kit
  • The GapAdapter hardware has special brackets that attach to the fence board to align and secure the standoff hardware in the correct position.
  • The template that ships with your artwork provides full instructions, including the special drill points for positioning the GapAdapters.
Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order within 48 hours of placement by contacting
What is your refund policy?
If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. We will require the product to be sent back to us. We will send you a return shipping label upon request