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OTW Framed Palm Tree
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OTW Framed Palm Tree
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About Our Products

Robust Materials
Our artwork is printed on strong, flexible ABS plastic, which can withstand humidity, rain, snow and the temperature extremes associated with the Canadian climate. Our material is also resistant to mould and mildew.
Protective and Rich Inks
We print with very high-quality ultraviolet inks which provide significant depth and richness to the visual impact of the prints. Ultraviolet inks are also very durable and light-fast when used in outdoor applications.
Easy Installation
Artwork panels can be easily installed directly onto the fence or other outdoor supporting surfaces.
Unique Frames
We also offer a selection of pre-fabricated aluminum frames in standard sizes to match the prints that are simple to assemble and install as well as other unique framing options.
Optimized Space
The prints and frames are thin enough to sit flush against the fence or wall surface which means we can enhance the décor of any size outdoor space without encroaching into precious outdoor living space.
Stand Off Example

Standard Sizes and Prices 2019

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Full Black Aluminum Frame Option
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