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"Blossom" Weatherproof Outdoor Art Print

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Now you can have something you've always dreamed of - flowers that will bloom for you all year round with our gorgeous weatherproof floral prints.

Paula Whitlock is a Toronto-based photographer and painter and is renowned for her iconic urban images. Her unique prints are saturated with brilliant colours and deep rich backgrounds.


  • Weatherproof: we print on thin ABS plastic with UV treated inks so your artwork goes outside and stays there all year round.
  • Easy Installation: we provide a reusable template so you can measure before you your drill for flawless installation.
  • Hanging Hardware: contemporary aluminum standoffs enable your prints to stand slightly away from the fence or wall so that insects, leaves and moisture will do no damage.
Other Good Stuff:

  • We ship to you for free in Canada and we offer our U.S. friends a low $20 (Canadian$$!) flat fee anywhere in the U.S.
  • We're so confident you'll be happy with your print for many years, we offer you a 5-Year Replacement Guarantee.
  • Every piece of our artwork is printed custom for you - we don't keep inventory. That means you can expect your beautiful new outdoor artwork to arrive 2-3 weeks after you place your order.
  • We proudly support artists!  Through our very own Artists Outdoors program we actively promote and feature talented, emerging painters and photographers. It's our passion and our mission. 
"I LOVE my wall art.  It is stunning and I get many comments. Highly recommend." 
-Kelly Mitchell

What makes the artwork “weather-proof”?
  • The artwork is printed on a durable plastic that maintains its beauty regardless of temperature extremes.
  • Our artwork is intended to be installed and left up all year around and not taken inside in adverse weather conditions.
  • Our inks are lightfast, so the images do not fade rapidly in the sun as with other prints.
  • The standoffs are aluminum and the screws are stainless steel, so there’s nothing that will rust in the elements.
  • We guarantee your artwork will continue to look great for at least five years if you follow our instructions for installation and care.

Is it easy to install the artwork?
  • Very easy! We provide you with a tear-proof paper template that is the same size as your artwork with a complete set of instructions. It’s reusable so you can keep it and use it again if you ever decide to move your artwork to a different spot.
  • Simply position the template where you want your artwork to hang, tape it up with painter’s masking tape and use a 1/16” drill bit to drill a pilot hole for each standoff, according to the bullseyes we have printed on the template.
  • Once you’ve drilled the pilot holes, simply remove the template and attach the barrels of the standoffs to the fence with the supplied wood screws.
  • The artwork comes with the mounting holes pre-drilled so you only put the standoff screw caps through the holes in the artwork, screw them into the barrels and you’re done!